FIN 340 Module Six Journal Guidelines and Rubric Overview

This is for help with a journal entry. I am having trouble with some of the calculations so nothing else is making sense.

I have attached the rubric for reference.

**I choose to use Oracle for this assignment.**

This entry will allow you to assess the impact of news on stocks and bonds. News can affect stock and bond prices in significant ways. This is because news disseminates into the market at different speeds and with different levels of importance. As investors, you need to think about how information flows through market participants and into securities. Surprise news can jolt the market up or down, whereas gradual dissemination can result in a slow buildup or deterioration in prices/yields. Additionally, market participants sometimes build expectations beforehand, and prices react differently than people expected because the news did not meet or exceed expectations. All of these dynamics can supply important information to apply to an investor’s portfolio decisions.

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