O O O E www.mathxlmmiStudentJPlayerHomewnrhaspxmomeworkld=454884858fique51innld=?&tlushed=falseflcld=4?54579&centerwin=yes i" FIN -320-T2?48-1}’EW2-Co||in3 Homework: 6-1 MyFinanceLab Assignment Score: 0 of 1 pt { T of 12 (9 complete] 7 } HW Score: 66.6?%, 8 of 12 pts PS-i 5 (similar 11)) 55 Question Help {I [Annuity interest rate] Your felksjust called and would like mme advice from you. An insuranoe agentjust called them and ofiered them the opportunityto purchase
an annuity for 31 3.6??28 that will pay them $3,500 per year for 10 years. They don’t have the slightest idea what return they would be making on their investment of
$18,6??.2E-. What rate of return would they be earning? The annual rate of return your folks would be earning on their investment is |:|%. (Round to two decimal places.)

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