Week 4 paper


  1. Focusing on Walmart Corporation write a paper with inclusion of one or more paragraphs for each of the following steps, using similar headings in your paper:
    1. Introduction.
    2. Management Commitment and Employee Involvement.
      1. Create a one-page health and safety management policy. You may use some of the statements from Appendix B, Model Policy Statements, in the OSHA Handbook; however, the policy is to be written particularly for your organization and is to show evidence of critical thinking and industry- specific application.
      2. Attach the one-page policy in Appendix A of the paper.
      3. Write a one-two paragraph summary in the body of your paper to detail the created policy. The policy should be professionally composed and formatted for possible posting next to the required Job Safety and Health Protection poster. Make reference to the appendix item in the body of your paper.
    3. Worksite Analysis.
      1. Conduct a self-inspection (company-wide or department specific) using at least three of the numerous checklists provided in the OSHA Handbook on pages 18-39.
      2. Attach a copy of your completed checklists in Appendix B of your paper.
      3. List potential findings–corrections or proactive measures to be taken—on an Overall Action Plan Worksheet similar to that found in Appendix A, on page 46, of the handbook.
      4. Attach a copy of your one-page Overall Action Plan Worksheet in Appendix C of your paper.
      5. Write a one-two paragraph summary in the body of your paper detailing the self-inspection process and highlighting key findings—positive and negative. Make reference to the appendix items in the body of your paper.
    4. Hazard Prevention and Control.
      1. Complete a one-page Action Step report—similar to that found in Appendix A, on page 47, of the OSHA Handbook—for at least one of your action items, as listed on your Overall Action Plan Worksheet completed in “c.” above.
      2. Attach your completed Action Step report in Appendix D of your paper.
      3. Implement at least one step in the Action Step report for this assignment. Examples of potential corrective measures to complete as your action step include any of the following: writing a one-page code of safe practices, developing a disciplinary system or writing a disciplinary policy, writing a schedule for equipment maintenance, plan for conducting emergency drills (e.g., tornado, fire), developing a medical program with potential for the integration of other employee benefits (e.g., FMLA, sick leave, vacation leave), creating a posting of emergency medical numbers, and so forth.
      4. Attach at least one completed corrective measure and place it in Appendix E of your paper.
      5. Write a one-two paragraph summary in the body of your paper detailing Action Step report and the corrective measure taken. Make reference to the appendix items in the body of your paper.
    5. Training for Employees, Supervisors, and Managers.
      1. Describe your organization’s current policies and practices for training employees, supervisors, and managers in the area of occupational health and safety.
      2. Suggest new types of training and/or new methods for training already being conducted in your workplace.
    6. Integration of Faith and Learning. Review the 4.1 Devotional scripture and Devotional reading and answer the adapted “Think About It” question: Explain what moral action should be taken by HR to do creation care (especially caring for fellow human beings) in the workplace by means of occupational safety and health.
    7. Conclusion.
  2. Your paper should be 600-800 words in length, not including the title page, reference page, or appendix items.
  3. Use APA format. Cite two reference sources, at a minimum, in addition to the OSHA report. Each reference should be at least 3-5 pages and published within the last 3-5 years.


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