10 minutes presentation and paper with 5 pages

Hey dude how are you doing?

for now I have an individual presentation and paper with 5 pages

I will upload a chapter of the class talking about how to managing groups and teams in organization, so I need you to take some ideas from there and put them in slides also to help you to write the paper

Here is my professor requirements “Individual Presentation (worth 100 points): THIS IS A PRESENTATION! You will select a topic that is either in the news or a subject matter of interest within the area of OB. You are not to cover a chapter out of the book. This is meant for you to look beyond your textbook and the class to find subject matter that relates to what you are learning in class. This will be a 10-minute presentation along with a 5 page paper that will state your reference.”

look dude I’m international student so please please I need it to be very very easy and simple presentation because I’m going to present it so I need to understand it

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