when the brand is featured on a TV program or movie, Module 3: Discussion help

Product placement, discussed on page 98, occurs when the brand is featured on a TV program or movie. However, because of new developments in TV viewing options such as DVRs that allow viewers to bypass commercials and advertisements, marketers must be more strategic in how they position their brand in front of the customer. For example, in The Biggest Loser, a popular weight loss show, sponsors present food and health options to the viewers while the show is airing as opposed to during a commercial that runs the risk of being ignored or skipped. Food brands, such as Jennie-O, are discussed by the cast and trainers in skits obviously designed to reach the targeted audience.

In this discussion present to the class product placements in one of your favorite TV shows or movies. Discuss their effectiveness based on the ways to integrate the brand message:

  • Used by the cast,
  • Used in the plot, or
  • Associated with a character or celebrity.

Include a discussion of possible positive and negative reactions to product placement and give your personal reflections. Have these marketing strategies worked for you or for someone you know?

Respond to at least two other classmates in the following ways: to ask clarifying questions, to offer additional insight or reflection, or to relate to the post by providing another perspective gleaned

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